5 Essential Glute Workouts for Men

by Alex on April 5, 2014

The Deadlift

While working out their biceps, abs, and legs, most men don’t concentrate on their glutes at all. The result is amazing abs and upper arms, but a poor butt. Although, it is the biggest muscle in the body, it’s often neglected by men. Most men are so dedicated to build a great upper body that they don’t give any importance to the glutes area.

You’re probably not aware but your body’s muscular and raw power comes from your glutes. So, it only makes sense to give it a wee bit more value and exercise your glutes as well. Let’s take a look at a few glute workouts for men.

#1-Barbell Glute Bridge

This exercise will require you to use a barbell with some weights. If you’ve never exercised before, you’ll need to start with light weights. You can increase the weight as you get a bit stronger and more used to this exercise.

Start by loading the barbell with appropriate weight. Now lie down on the floor facing up and the barbell placed just above your hips. Also, ensure that the bar is padded so that it’s easy to do this exercise. Bend your knees and bring it as close to your butt as possible. Ensure that your feet are flat on the ground.

This exercise requires you to use your heels to lift yourself up from the hips. While pushing yourself up, grab the barbell with your hands and bring it up as well as you lift your hips. At this time, your shoulders, hips and knees will form a straight line. The weight of the barbell will be supported by your heels and upper back. You’ll need to extend up as far as possible and hold for a few seconds before you come down to the starting position. The barbell is known to increase the effectiveness of this exercise.

#2-Single Leg Glute Bridge 

This exercise doesn’t require any gym equipment except for a gym mat. This exercise is great for your glutes; however, it also works out your hamstrings. You’ll need to lie down on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Next, you’ll need to raise any one leg off the ground and pull the knee in towards your chest. This is your starting position.

Next, with the help of your heel, thrust your hips upwards and raise your glutes off the ground. This position will need you to have your shoulders, hip and knee in a straight line. Also, your feet will not be on the ground, only your heel will be touching the ground. You’ll need to extend as far as possible, pause for a few seconds, and then come back to the starting position. This will complete your one rep. Repeat the same exercise on your other leg.

#3-One-leg Cable Kickback

This is one exercise that you’ll need to perform at the gym. It requires the use of the cable. Also known as the Cable Hip Extensions, this exercise works out both, your glutes and hamstrings. A very simple exercise, as the name suggests, you’ll need to kickback your leg to perform it.

Now, an instructor at the gym will mostly set-up this equipment for you. If not, take a leather ankle cuff and hook it to the low cable pulley. Next, attach this cuff to one of your ankles. Facing the weight stack, hold on to the steel frame for support. Your distance from the steel frame needs to be about two feet.

Your knees and hips need to be bent slightly while you’re standing. This will be your starting position. So, keep them bent, tighten your abs and contract your glutes while you kick back your leg in a semi-circular arc. Take it back as high and as comfortable it seems for you. While doing this, you need to be breathing out. When your leg is extended completely, squeeze your glutes for one or two seconds. This will help in peak contraction.

While you bring your leg back down, resist the pull of the cable until you get your leg completely down. Repeat it on one leg before you switch legs.

If you’re unable to go to the gym, this exercise can also be done using exercise bands.

#4-Butt Lift

Also called as the Glute Bridge or the Hip Thrust, this exercise doesn’t require any gym equipment and hence, can be performed anywhere. Along with glutes, your hamstrings will also be worked out by doing butt lifts.

Very simple to do, you’ll need to be lying down on the floor with your knees bent and hands on either side of the body. Your feet need to be apart and at shoulder-width, but, flat on the ground. This is your starting position. Push with your heels and thrust your hips off the ground. While doing this your back needs to be absolutely straight. As you rise up, you need to be breathing out. You’ll need to hold that position for a couple of seconds before you come down to your starting position. When you come down, you need to be breathing in.

#5-Flutter Kicks

This exercise is done best on a bench. You can substitute the bench with your bed also. However, ensure that it’s completely flat. Lie face down on the flat bench/bed. You’ll need to lie down in such a way that your hips are on the edge of the flat surface. Legs need to be together and stretched straight out with toes in the air. Basically, you’ll need to be parallel to the ground while lying face down. Your arms need to be in front of you holding on to the flat surface for support.

Now, squeeze your hamstrings, glutes and ensure that your legs are stretched out straight. This is your starting position. Next, lift your right leg up while your left leg will be in place. As you lower your right leg back to the starting position, lift your left leg up, and keep alternating for the recommended number of reps. While doing this exercise, you need to breathe normally.

Another variation or rather an advanced version of this exercise is doing it with ankle weights. As you continue doing this exercise, you’ll find it will get easier. For it to be effective, you can start by adding light weight and then increase them as you get stronger.